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The aim of this course is to train CBRN staff personnel who need to understand, use, and create inputs for the NATO or national CBRN Warning and Reporting (W&R) systems and organizations.

Learning Objective:
The course aims to describe CBRN W&R organization, responsibilities, principles, and procedures. Participants will practice CBRN Centre Warning and Reporting organization, work, operations, and procedures in Article 5 Operations and Out of Area Operations. Upon course completion the participant will be able to understand how to use CBRN-Analysis for automated CBRN W&R and support other CBRN Knowledge Management functional areas in order to apply the actual CBRN organization and responsibilities, principles and procedures for use in an automated CBRN Centre.

Expected Training Audience:
This course is designed for CBRN staff personnel who are responsible for creating a CBRN W&R Plan or managing a CBRN W&R organization - e.g., at Area Control Center (ACC) or Zone Control Center (ZCC) levels.


The aim is to provide, radiation protection specialists, first responders, law enforcement, and emergency managers with practical information to effectively respond to radiological incidents and accidents. The course provides instruction through briefings, equipment demonstrations and filed exercises employing a wide variety of radiation detection instrumentation, radiation sources, and personal protective equipment.

Learning Objective:

The course covers response methods to a variety of nuclear and radiological incidents, including search, response to a portal alarm, consequence management in the event of a release of radiological material, and addresses events ranging from a small, localized release to a larger incident such as a radiological dispersal device. At the conclusion, students will understand the principles needed to organize and conduct a radiological emergency response, have practical experience applying those principles in realistic scenarios and understand how to protect themselves and the public from contamination.

Expected Training Audience:

This course is designed for emergency response personnel with basic training in radiological emergency response and/or experienced professionals seeking refresher training.

Date: 27 February - 3 March 2023

Security level: NATO Unclassified releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PAG 

Tuition Fee: 100EUR (free of charge for COE Sponsoring Nations and Contributing partners MOD/DOD employees)

Preconditions for participation: NO 

Seats: min 15; max 30 participants

Deadline for enrolment: 5 February 2023

ETOC Code: WMD-CD-25502

POC: WO Schindler, schindlerr@jcbrncoe.org    

Course venue: JCBRN Def. COE, Vyškov, Czech Republic

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